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key features

Easiteach has a range of key features, which make it the ideal software application for whatever hardware your school may use for whole class teaching purposes, including:

Easiteach widgetsWidget bank

Access a range of mini-applications that bring you a growing bank of added extras such as, calculator, clock, periodic table, protractor, picture reveal, dice, early years sudoku, word builder cards, tangrams and more. There are currently 40+ widgets available in the bank with more to be added with each new release. Go to the Widgets Bank page for a description of all the widgets.

Watch the video WATCH A VIDEO DEMO

Easiteach media bankMedia bank

The localized and searchable media bank within Easiteach comprises a wide range of curriculum-based resources including videos and animations.  The media bank enables users to search for and add multimedia assets to a page and is accessible by selecting the multimedia button on the Easiteach menu bar.


Easiteach Content packsContent packs

There is a range of content provided within Easiteach that has been designed within the functionality of the software and that will enable you and your students to successfully match objectives within key subject areas. So far, almost 1000 documents spanning many subjects have been created, covering topics including speaking and listening, number and algebra, handling data, environmental change and more. See our content page for further details.

You can also visit the RM Easilearn content portal where you will find lots more Easiteach resources.

Easiteach LiteEasiteach Lite

Easiteach Lite is a free player, with limited features (such as word wallet and annotation pens), that allows users to open and view Easiteach documents. Easiteach Lite is great for enabling students to access saved activities at home, complete them as homework and resubmit them to their teacher, without needing access to the entire product.

Easiteach Multi-deviceMulti-device

Easiteach works on all interactive whiteboards and will soon be available for use on other forms of hardware equipment used for teaching for example wireless slates, netbooks or voting devices. This means that no matter what equipment is used in your school, Easiteach can ensure consistency for training, teaching and sharing resources. The ability to import and export Easiteach documents as .iwb files also means you can share files with other interactive whiteboard software such as SMART Notebook.

Easiteach multi-languageMulti-language

Easiteach Next Generation is available for users in a wide variety of languages, with settings easily changed depending on which language you want to work with in just a few clicks. Already Easiteach Next Generation has been localized for a number of languages with more to follow. Click here to find out what languages are available.

Watch the video WATCH A VIDEO DEMO

Easiteach Multi-touchMulti-touch

Supports object manipulation on multi-touch devices, enabling users to enlarge and move objects they have created with the tips of their fingers! This is ideal for encouraging students to interact directly with the interactive whiteboard and is perfect for use during presentations.

Easiteach Easily-accessible toolbarsEasily-accessible toolbars

The toolbars within Easiteach Next Generation have been designed to make the functionality you want easier to find and aid cross-curricular use.  These easily-accessible toolbars allow you to work quickly and efficiently in creating whole-class teaching activities to fit with your learning objectives.  The most commonly used tools can be found in the main navigation bar along the bottom of your screen, with extra functionality available from within the main navigation.


There are a number of special effects that can now be used to enhance activity pages to allow for more creativity. Effects can be added to objects and include swirl effect, mosaic effect, blur, old movie color, monochrome color and many more.

Easiteach Record sound and videoRecord sound and video

Within Easiteach Next Generation, users are able to record sound and video directly on to a page. Using the media bank you can also capture images, record sounds and record videos using external hardware, such as microphones or digital cameras, and add them to your page and your personal media bank.

Easiteach Text-to-speech capabilitiesText-to-speech capabilities

Type letters, words and sentences on to a page and listen to them being read back to you. The text-to-speech functionality within Easiteach enables text on the page to be read by one of the voices installed in your operating system. Text-to-speech can read both single words and whole blocks of text within a text box. This feature is available in a wide variety of languages.

Watch the video WATCH A VIDEO DEMO

Easiteach Handwriting and Shape RecognitionHandwriting and Shape Recognition

Write words or draw shapes freehand and the writing and shape recognition tools within Easiteach Next Generation will recognize your markings. You can either write or draw images with your mouse on a computer screen, or use your interactive whiteboard pen, and the handwriting and shape recognition tool will transform your markings in typed copy or shaped objects with sharpened edges.

Watch the video WATCH A VIDEO DEMO

Easiteach Language toolsLanguage tools

There are a wide variety of language tools built-in to Easiteach Next Generation that will help you to quickly and simply create activities for your whole class. These tools include a cloze tool (for creating missing words activities), remove punctuation tool (ideal for testing punctuation knowledge by removing all punctuation from a block of text and asking your class to put it back in the right place) and word wallet (for use alongside the cloze and remove punctuation tools).

Easiteach Numeracy ToolsMath tools

Alongside the language tools, there is also a wide range of Math tools available with Easiteach Next Generation that will assist you in creating simple but effect whole class activities for use in Math lessons. Some of the Math tools available include number lines, number grids and an equation builder.


See our feature videos page to find out more about how these key features can add real value to your lessons.

We are working with a range of international partners to develop and deliver RM Easiteach Next Generation to educational establishments worldwide. Click here to find out more.
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