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There is a range of content provided within RM Easiteach Next Generation that has been created using the functionality of the software and that enables you and your pupils to successfully match objectives within key subject areas.   

You can use these examples straight away, or you can adapt them as you see fit. You may also like to use them as inspiration to go on and create your own activities.

So far, more than 1000 documents spanning many subjects have been created and the aim is to constantly add new resources and activities over time.

RM Easilearn content portal

RM EasilearnOur portal RM Easilearn is also a great source of Easiteach content. The ever-growing list of content now includes over 1,000 activities.


Currently the activities that have been created are split into both primary (ages 4-11) and secondary (ages 11-14) categories. This content has then further been split into:


Lessons, for example:

Templates, for example:

Interactives, for example:

Users can also choose from 18 topics including…

…as well as many others per subject.

Accessing content

To open the bank of activities and templates click on ‘Activities’ on the splash screen or the ‘e’ button on the Easiteach menu bar.

Content Partners

As well as continually updating the content for RM Easiteach Next Generation ourselves, we are always looking for suitable new content from other sources. If you or your organisation has any content that you feel fits the ethos of RM Easiteach Next Generation, or may be in a position to develop resources for the software then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are working with a range of international partners to develop and deliver RM Easiteach Next Generation to educational establishments worldwide. Click here to find out more.
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